Ethan Sak Presents "Monster" and "Everything": An Audio-Visual Masterpiece

Following the release of his debut album "BLUE" in the fall of 2022, Ethan Sak has spent the past year in the studio between his class schedule at USC's highly accredited Thornton School of Music, working on a mind-bending and gripping audio-visual masterpiece "Monster x Everything" that is broken down into two complimenting original singles, "Monster" and "Everything." The Adult Contemporary/ dark pop cinematic productions will be released in two parts under Ethan's label, The Color of Music, beginning with "Monster," released today, and trailing close behind "Everything," available at all digital stores on October 27. The music will be accompanied by a supporting two-part music video that will be released alongside "Everything" and promises listeners a powerful narrative fueled by rich storytelling and a hauntingly cinematic sound that mirrors the enthralling plot of the story.

"Monster" was written by Ethan Sak and self-mixed and produced with support from James Cain, and mastered by Dylan Caligui. It has a run time of 3:17 and a BPM of 60. "Everything" was written and produced by Ethan Sak, mixed by Ivan Repin, and mastered by Dylan Caligui. This single has a run time of 3:40 and a BPM of 66.6. The production is made up of a soul-gripping vocal performance, realistic atmospheric elements such as the haunting ticking of a clock, drums, piano, horns (sax, trumpet, trombone), strings (bass, cello, viola, violin), and synth basses and leads. The musical mastery of this production can be compared to that of a modern-day dark pop Bohemian Rhapsody. Its untraditional format and ability to grab and capture audience attention in a story that collectively spans over 7 minutes. Modern-day influences include Suburban, Billie Eilish, and Panic! At the Disco.

"Monster" and Everything" unfolds as a tale told in two distinct halves from opposite perspectives, immersing audiences in the treacherous journey of a young artist who signs a Faustian pact with a malevolent executive, seduced by the trappings of wealth, drugs, sex, and the industry's corrupt influence. The façade of fame initially beguiles, but as reality sets in, the artist confronts a soul-wrenching truth; the industry's allure conceals a far more sinister and soul-damaging reality. The darkness festers within, driving the artist to forsake their morality and embrace the very evil they once despised.

"These songs are what I believe to be a perfect blend of horror, surprising, and electronically harsh elements while simultaneously being theatrical, subtle, and undeniably pop. This project is a representation of my best audio and visual work, and I hope to deliver an unforgettable experience to viewers and listeners with the release of this project." - Ethan Sak

With "Monster × Everything," Ethan Sak invites audiences into a captivating narrative that delves into the often enigmatic and dark world of the music industry. His artistic journey, marked by early achievements and a relentless drive for excellence, positions him as a rising star in Pop music. Ethan's music is more than entertainment; it's a powerful form of expression, drawing from his deep-rooted passion for storytelling through melody and lyrics.

Release Date: October 6, 2023
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ISRC: QM-3DF-22-75920

Release Date: October 27, 2023
UPC: 1963621564179
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